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What is the correct full form of OK word - OK word birth date

Full form of OK : In English some times we have OK for acceptance, statement, acceptance or recognition. What is fine full form is there any whole structure for that. In one picture it is stated as one kiss where the actors and actor in romantic speech but I realize this is not accurate. Is there any whole structure is, If So, what is the whole structure of it where the speech is derived.Knowledgeable members please answer to the question. The precise origin of this language OK is not understood conclusively.
What is correct full form of OK word
OK full form 

There are numerous possibilities available regarding its origin and ratio. Yet the most believed explanation is that on 23 March 1839, OK was presented to the globe by the Boston Morning Post, the paper printed from Boston, MA, USA. It was published amidst the lengthy paragraph on second page of this news article as o.k. (all correct) During this point the paper editors used to experience inventing fancy abbreviations, most of which used to fade out in due way, but somehow the language OK survived.

What is the correct full from of OK word? 

Before the word OK, its full form was all correct, but in the past, people used to speak English in reverse, this fashion used to go very much due to which all correct was changed to speak oll correct, after which its short form became OK.

 In English some times we use the ok of widespread in the world and in every sentence reflecting the different meaning.  It is likely the _ _ most mainstream word that the English language has given the world and also to the other different languages.  okisavery simple word which is understood by the people of every nook and corners of the World.  The word "ok" because of such featuresis used most of the times by everyone in a single day. 

If grammar is to be concerned, then the word "ok is used as an adjective or in other formsin several forms of sentences. Some of the formsin which" ok isused considering the grammar can be mentioned below: have OK for acceptance, statement, acceptance or  recognition.  What is fine full form is there any whole structure

This language "ok" because of such features is used most of these times by everyone in the single time.  If grammar is to be related, so the language "ok" is used as one adjective or at other forms in different kinds of sentences.  Some of the forms in which "ok" is applied regarding that grammar will be noted under.  However we have it, we should think that okis informal.  In formal situations - businessagreement. 

Full form of OK word

What is correct full form of OK word

for instance - a word ismuch more appropriate.  There are some more synonyms for okay, and, rather perhaps.  more ways of applying it.  The above - mentioned purpose is presented as the most familiar uses of ok in this term.  For more than a hundred and fiftyyears.  people have tried to make meaning of thisplay point of "ok".  It might be possible that the speech has got back and forth in many countries, yet, that it was essentially the Americans that gained this language enough to bring it into the verbally expressed language on a wide scale.  In English some times we say OK for approval, agreement, acceptance or acknowledgment. 

What is OK full form is there any full form for this.  In one movie it is said as one kiss where the actorsand actress in romantic conversation but I know that isnot correct.  Is there any full form exists.  If So, what is the full form of _ it where this word is derived.  Knowledgeable members please respond to this question.

I found that more than half (50.6%) of UK citizens are "not OK" with any form of emotion capture technology, while just under a third (30.6%) feel "OK" with it, as long as the emotion-sensitive application  does not identify the individual.  A mere 8.2% are "OK" with having data about their emotions connected with personally identifiable information, while 10.4% "don't know.

That such a small proportion are happy for emotion-recognition data to be connected with personally identifying information about them  is pretty significant considering what Facebook is proposing Okcash has a huge value to it that many other crypto currencies don't.

Every culture, even if they don't speak English, are generally familiar with the term OK. The word OK is universally accepted  as a verbal form of acknowledgment among many different cultures across the world. This makes the crypto currency Okcash very inclusive and shows that there is a huge potential for it to grow exponentially.

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